• Quick

    It is easy and fast to locate a bottle, search for keywords, or simply browse bottles by your own grouping

  • iCloud

    Sync all your devices using iCloud. Add a bottle on your iPhone at a party, and it will magically appear on your iPad at home!

  • Export to your Mac/PC

    You can export your cellar to your PC/Mac. You can use the Companion Tool (Mac OS X) or OpenOffice to edit and view your cellar on your PC.

  • Import from your Mac/PC to your iPhone

    You can fully manage your cellar using the import/export function. You can do all the editing on your PC and import it to your iPhone. ¹

  • Preview

    The preview area provides a quick overview showing more details about the selected bottle.

  • Shortcuts

    Add/remove a bottle in stock directly from the main screen with the simple sliding gesture across the preview area.

  • Improved main screen

    The main screen shows pictures and more details about each bottle. A more compact display of the main list is also available for a more streamlined look (without pictures).

  • Share with other iPhones

    Simply turn the iPhone sideways and drag bottles to you friends.

  • Wizard adapts to your needs

    You can fully configure what you want to be asked for when adding a bottle. Unneeded characteristics can simply be skipped

  • Favorite list and more!

    -A favorite list of bottles provides an even quicker method to locate a bottle.

    -Simple Statistics about your cellar

    -Vintage Chart

¹ Import feature is available only in Wine Cellar Pro, Wine Cellar HD for iPad or when buying the in-app purchase upgrade from Wine Cellar

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